Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Voter Id Card

I have a new voter ID card. Cool eh?

Did you know you that when it is time to issue new cards, you can update your old card for any errors in the card. I had to get a new card, but others in the line with me just needed changes.

You can change your name, date of birth, gender. You can even change spelling mistakes in your address. BUT, if the address is slightly off, introducing something new, then you need to fill a separate form. Its a good thing the Government keeps checks like this and more...

One person checks to see if you have all the docs.
One person checks your name on the roster and does a little scribble on the form. You will need the scribble later.
Another takes your pic.
Another takes a print out and hands it over to the first scribblemaster. It is then you figure he is the boss.
They are paid Rs. 150 each for a 14 hour shift.
There is no replacement if they get a call from Mother. Mother Nature.
There is no replacement if they get a call from Pangs. Hunger Pangs.
So, these 4-5 dudes and dudettes in your area are the undertakers of the democratic process.

The Government does its bit by ensuring that there is no excess staff and keeps costs in check. So, you can get a new card or update your old one in about 3 hours. A small price for a vote.

Oh, and the boy taking the pic might just offer to do the paperwork for the change in address for some chai-paani.


kavitha said...

I recently got my new Voter Id. Everything was fine but there was a slight mistake in my house address. So what is the procedure to change it???Can anyone help me???

Somanatha said...

I recently got my new Voter ID. Everything was fine but there is a slight mistake in my name initial leter not mentioned and slight mistake in my Address.So what is the procedure to change it???Can anyone help me???

Anonymous said...

I recently recived my voters ID. they have made a mess of my name and my wife card to so please help
my name is spelled as Stanley Aldrige Dcruz but in the card the name is printed as Stana Li Aalarichdikrus, My wife name is Sunitha Ann Dcruz but on the card it printed as Sunitha Ana Dikrusa and the husband`s name I.E my name printed as Swana Li Aalaricha Dkrusa

chinna said...


I recently received my voter card, and my brother, mother and dad also in that the mistake is the name mainly
my actual name is siricillarajesh
but it is printed as ace rajesha
and the correct address is 263 mig phase-i bhel, r.c.puram, hyderabad-502032 should be printed on the votercard ....

Can anyone help me?in this regard,,

mob: 9290012543

akshay said...

hi i have got my voter id. every thing was fine but there is spelling mistake in my surname.
the printed surname is yeran
and the correct surname is yeram
just a diffrence of n except m so
what can i do ... please help me

EMAIL ME : yeram_1990@rediff.com

Vasanth G.Benjamin said...

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